About Us


Larry's Chevys, Inc. was started in 1990 dealing mostly with Classic and Semi-Classic Chevrolets, therefor the name "Larry's Chevys". We sold Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, Impalas, Chevy Trucks, Monte Carlos, and other classic cars. At the time these cars could be easily found and bought. As time went on these cars became increasingly harder to find. To continue the business we started selling late model used cars and trucks.

Where we get our cars and What kind of cars we look for

We purchase most of our cars from new car dealer trade-ins, either directly, through a wholesaler or through auctions. We look for well maintained cars and trucks in very good condition. We still occasionally have a classic car, but now we mainly concentrate on current models. Check our Website often to view our inventory (www.larryschevys.com). You may find any make or model in our inventory, which consists mostly of low to medium priced vehicles. Our prices are low and usually beat our competition.

Purpose and Objectives

Our business as in many businesses has a two-fold purpose and we are sincere in trying to achieve this purpose. Number One it is our desire to furnish our customers with a quality vehicle in good repair for a reasonable price. We use our knowledge and experience to select vehicles that meet this requirement and we are able to recognize vehicles that do not and avoid these. That is why individuals are wise to purchase a vehicle from a dealer they can trust. In order for us to achieve the above we must be able to make a profit, and this is purpose Number Two. Because by making a Profit we are able to continue to provide good, quality transportation to our customers, pay our expenses and realize payment to our staff and owner.